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A. Organizational Structure

President: Joao M. Saldanha, Ph.D (GPS, University of California at San Diego), MIM (Thunderbird, Arizona State University), Graduate Program (KSG, Harvard University), SE (Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia). He teaches Economics and Economic Development at Graduate Program in Development Studies (GPDS), JSU.

Dean of Admissions, Academic and Student Affairs:  Yohanes Usboko, MAgSc (Massey University, New Zealand) and Ir (Universitas Nusa Cendana, Kupang, Indonesia). He was a lecturer at UNTL as well as reseacher at UNTL's research center. He teaches Mathematics (SASE) and Applied Technology and Development  at Graduate Program in Development Studies (GPDS), JSU.

Assistant to Dean of Academic and Student Affairs (DASA): Haneck Eurico Amaral, S.Pd.

Dean of Administration and Legal Affairs: Salvador G. Soares, MRSLBA (Charles Darwin University, Australia) and Sarjana Hukum (Trisakti University, Indonesia).

Dean of School of Economics and Business (SEB):   Accumulated by President of JSU.

Dean of School of Language Studies (SLS) - tba

Dean of School of Applied Science and Engineering (SASE): Herath M. Karunarathna, MSc in Bioengineering from Jeju National University, South Korea and BSc in engineering from University of Sri Langka, Nawala, Nagegoda, Sri Langka. He teaches Mathematics, Computer Science at SASE and English for Academic Purpose (EAP). He is adviser of health technology at the National Hospital Guido Valadares, Dili, Timor-Leste.

Dean of School of Architecture and Planning (SAP): Salvador Pires, BA Honors (RMIT, Australia). He holds BA Honors from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Melbourne, Australia. He teaches Architecture at SAP, JSU.


B. Faculties

Marcos Amaral, MEd teaches Englisf for Academic Purpose (EAP) at JSU. He holds MEd from Flinders University, South Australia. He is Vice Rector of Academic Affairs at UNTL and was the Dean of School of Education at the same university. Mr Amaral was a member of JSU Task Force.

Stephan Domankucic, MIBA teached economics at Graduate Program in Development Studies of JSU. He holds Master of International Business (MIBA) from Paris. Mr Domankucic was a member of JSU Task Force. 

Joao Noronha, Ph.D teaches English for Academic Purpose and Politics and Social Policy Development at Graduate Program in Development Studies of JSU. He has worked for different international aid agencies, such as USAID and AUSAID. He holds a Ph.D as well as Master's Degree in Development Studies from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. 

Jose Lucas da SIlva, Ph.D teaches Research Method and Applied Technology and Development at Graduate Program in Development Studies of JSU. He holds a Ph.D in Environmental Science from Herriot-Watt University, Scotland, worked with the United Nations Fund for Women (UNFPA), and Researcher at National University of Timor Lorosae (UNTL). Mr da Silva was the Chairman of Joao Saldanha University (JSU) Task Force.