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School of Economics and Business (SEB)

Ojectives of SEB is to educate students with economics and business  concepts and skills to solve  problems in the society. SEB provides a framework of working more effectively and efficiently in solving problems that they face in workplace and research.
SEB offers a four year program for students culminating writing an original thesis under supervision of a faculty panel. SEB students need to take five week internship after third year. Two thirds of internship time must be done in a profit maximizing organization. Internship must be done in January/February or July/August. SEB/JSU will work with students to find appropriate institution for internship. 
To graduate students need to write an original thesis under the supervision of a faculty and defend it in front of a panel. 
Students need to take institutional courses, foundation, professional, and specialization courses. 
SEB has two departents, namely Department of Economics and Department of Business. Students can choose to major in either economics or buisness. Economics Department prepare students for future career in research and policy formulation on macroeconomic issues. Business Department prepare students for future careeer in business and industries.