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Graduate Program in Development Studies (GPDS)

MSc in Development Studies at JSU is a two year program culminating by writing thesis of 10,000 words. Students are introduced to current theories and applications in multidiciplinary setting. Three main sequences that students need to take are economic development, politics and social policy, and applied technology. In addition, students also take basic and advance courses in research method.

Students take three courses in one semester. These courses are:

1. Economics 1 (basic economics), Economic Development (ED) 1, and ED 2.

2. Politics and Social Policy Development (PSPD) 1 and PSPD 2.

3. Applied Technology and Development (ATD) 1 and ATD 2.

4. Research Method (RM) 1 and RM 2

Students need to pass English for Academic Purpose with zero credit.

Admissions to the program is open to all undegraduates from any field. Applications are submitted together with a brief essay of 150 words before being considered by the Admissions Office.