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Seminar Workshop on Curriculum, Syllabus and Lesson Plans

21 Jan 2020

Dili – The seminar workshop on Curriculum, Syllabus and Lesson Plans was conducted by Mrs. Jane on Tuesday, 21 January 2020 at the JSU. The seminar was attended by lecturers and staffs. Jane is a Master degree of Arts in Education, majored in Educational Leadership and currently teaching at the Maharlika International School, Dili, and Timor-Leste. Her experiences in teaching are doubtless and indubitable.

The seminar aims to aims to encourage lecturers to take part in shaping quality curriculum, syllabus and lesson plans, and to provide discussion of the importance on current curriculum development approaches and also give an insight and additional knowledge to the lectures and staffs at the JSU.  

She averred that schools, universities, institutions should be met the needs of students and societies.  As knowledge demands change, a curriculum must change because education is dynamic. A good curriculum should be evaluated periodically and adjusted to reflect the changing times.