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30 Oct 2020

Joao Saldanha University (JSU) was established in 2015. The vision of JSU is to create and disseminate knowledge through creative inquiry and bring the benefits to communities. JSU/I provides good facilities, professors and teaching environment, which can support and increase your knowledge and skills. JSU/I offer: 
A). Foundation Program (can be waived): 
       General English, Foundation Mathematics, and Computer Science. 

B). Undergraduate Program:
a)    School of Economics and Business (SEB): BSc. 
b)    School of Interpretation and Translation (SIT): BA. 
c)    School of Applied Science and Engineering (SASE): BSc. 
d)    School of Architecture and Planning (SAP): BSc. 

JSU has started application for 2021 Academic Year. It is open for Senior High School graduates or equivalent (recognized domestic or abroad) are invited to come and apply at JSU/I campus. 
Documents should submit are:
1.    Copy of Diploma/Certificate of High School
2.    Copy of other documents, such as certificate of English course if available.
3.    Copy of BI/Electoral Card/Passport
4.    Color Photo: 3 x 4 (2pcs)
5.    Copy of transcripts from Semester I to Semester V.
6.    Application fee: $25 

All candidates take Entrance Test: Written test and Interview. 

Class start: March 1, 2021

Details of application can be obtained from Ms. Severina da Silva – Regitrar Office at +670 7691 673 
E-mail:  or website: 

Apply Online:

“JSU gives what can be better your Life, Communities and Nation”